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What is SMS?

SMS is an acronym for Short Message Service, that has long been deployed with several GSM and Internet Protocol Connections which are either Content originated or Mobile Terminated. The SMS Technology is rapidly growing as most businesses are now dependent on it following the busy attitude of the human society. SMS dependent services are always Smart and triggers attention.

How Are SMS Units Billed?

Around the industry players decide how they want to psychologically appear to be pleasing their clients yet make some good profits from their sales. With several SMS sever hubs or centers they proposed about 3 categories of SMS delivery channels with their respective delivery rates. Find here what categories are commonly available for Nigerian Routes which most providers  work with:

  1. Whole Sale Route: Delivery is 80% overall but the prices are flexible.
  2. High Quality Route: Delivery is 90% overall but the prices are higher as compare to WS ROUTE.
  3. Direct ROUTE: Delivery is  more than 92% overall but the prices are higher as compare to WS ROUTE or HQ ROUTE.

For Whole Sale Route (WS) most providers offers at 0.0049 Euros For All Networks

For High Quality Route (HQ) most providers offers at 0.0100 Euros For All Networks

For Direct Route (DR) most providers offers at 0.03 Euros For All Networks

From the above official rating you notice that the quality rate is in the range of 10 – 12% by variation. However most clients/customers will not be willing to pay as high as 0.03 Euros = N6.5 per page SMS though this is recommended to Banks for guaranty delivery irrespective of Spamming Words, with 0.0100 Euros =  N2.17 per page SMS, this equally recommended to Banks for guaranty delivery irrespective of Spamming Words.

You noticed that from those two sample pricing a provider will still want to make some more gains from it by adding N1 or N0.50 across.

How many persons or organizations would want to pay for such high but quality delivery above?

Hardly you find!

However most providers are now settling for the Whole Sale Rate which is at 0.0049 Euros = N1.06. That is why you find in recent time you would find offers like buy a Unit SMS at 60Kobo, 65Kobo to 85Kobo,

I know it surprises you when they deduct 1.5, 1.8 or even 2 units per SMS page Sent depending on the Networks.

What really happens:

When a provider sales at a Unit SMS at 75Kobo and thereafter deducts 1.5 units per page SMS what he is actually making you to pay for a page SMS is: 75Kobo + half of 75Kobo = N1.125, now makes a profit of N0.065.

Very little profit that is why when you don’t send traffic, that is quickly consume your SMS units it becomes a poor market for most providers, they will have to keep pressuring and persuading you to send traffic to allow them meet up with their commitment.

Imagine the profit the provider would have made if at a blast he was to send to 100,000 numbers, that will translate into N6,500 to some persons is a small profit margin, but consider if this were to become a week or month long campaign to deliver to such volume. With just a provider servicing Nigeria he makes a daily volume of 1.3 Million SMS delivery, Just compute what that results into!

Providers wants to give their users the impression that they care but still makes profit from their sales, Nigerian providers will still market at 75Kobo just to make you feel the entire SMS cost is in Kobo.

So when it comes to SMS billing it is the providers decision to regulate how he wants to deduct the Units following the rate price at which he gets from his SMS Center Provider (API). Most well developed SMS Portals allows their providers to play around with the SMS billing rate they offer to their clients. #MobileJaraApp Offers you such flexibility with further Award winning SMS Shortcode features.

Following the many positive development in our services in Nigeria with our several Foreign Partnership it is pleasing to bring to your knowledge that from 12AM on the 28th of May, 2015 MobileJara will be launching a stable SMS delivery of N1 per page SMS delivery at whatever Volume, however we encourage all to beef-up their traffic frequency to allow us meet up with the standard. We want to empower as much persons in the industry, we invite you to partner with us to keep serving the Nation rightly.